Thai Yoga Massage Emotional Treatment Workshop

Sunshine Raum, 31.3.-2.4.2023

We are welcoming you to a Thai Yoga Massage, Emotional Treatment workshop! The focus of this module is on the Nervous System:

  • How to balance it through Thai Massage
  • When we need to pay more attention 
  • Which systems affects
  • What is the link with emotional imbalances 

What we will learn:
How to recognize imbalances of the nervous system and offer relief and treatment.
Presenting and working on a variety of approaches through the body: From light touch to deep pressure, from feet to cranial structures, from slow static to harmonic movements...
Focusing either on wider body parts or on specific points and systems.
We will see ways to affect the central nervous system which is vitally important and the autonomous nervous system, which regulates daily needs without our conscious control.
While learning the practice, we provide space to explore the nervous system and discover ways to tune with it.
Also we will present the necessary anatomy of the human nervous system needed for this course. 

What is it good for:
Often clients come with embodied emotional stress and needs that are not limited to the physical body. Emotional imbalances are linked to the nervous system, creating an open way of communication between them, affecting each other.
This can be widely beneficial for a number of cases like: 

  • stress, psychosomatic problems
  • depression, insomnia, burnout
  • traumatic experiences, aggression, hyperactivity 

With our treatment we can provide a profound soothing and balancing effect. 

Who can attend this course:
Anyone who has complete at least one massage training and wants to discover the fascinating world of the nervous system! Massage therapists, bodyworkers, movers, and other therapists, that include touch in their practice, are welcomed in this workshop. 

Our nervous system plays a major role in our health and guides almost everything we do, think, say or feel! It controls complicated processes like movement, thought and memory. It also plays an essential role in what our body does without thinking, from breathing and heart beating to blushing and blinking! 

Enriching our Thai Yoga Massage with new approaches, we can be in touch with the nervous system, trace its pathways and learn to tune with it, aiming directly at its benefits! 

Date: March 31- April 2, 2023 

15:00 Opening Circle, Introduction, Massage
19:00 Abendessen

09:30-13:00 Massage
13:00-14:30 Lunch & Break
14:30-18:30 Massage

09:30-13:00 Massage
13:00-14:00 Lunch & Break
14:00-16:00 Massage & Closing Circle 

Location: Sunshine Room, Dreifaltigkeitstraße 84a, 7000 Eisenstadt, AUSTRIA

Get there: per train, bus, flight via Vienna (contact for further details)

Accommodation: find nice B’n’Bs close by. (contact for further details)

Price 320€

Food and accommodation are not included.
Your place is secured after paying a deposit of 50 Euro.

Info and booking 
Iris Enz
tel: +436509427100

Meet the facilitators:

Yiannis Katsanas
Yianni’s personal path in therapeutic massage started in 2008 with Thai Yoga Massage in Sunshine House and until now he has been in almost all relevant courses there. In his path he studied with several teachers in Thailand, Laos and Europe. Since 2010 he is teaching in Sunshine House and he is specialized in osteothai, completing a training of great influence. Parallel he is a reflexologist and studied biodynamic craniosacral and lomi-lomi . He is characterized by the conscious touch, which becomes a way of communication and connection and also the careful, creative, respectful and calm approach.
In his free time he is hiking around the corner, sailing widely the waves with his sup or just gardening among the voices and toys of his two kids! 

Panagiotis Tsetsonis
Panagiotis started his journey in Thai Yoga Massage at 2008 in Thailand, at the village of Sunshine House network. His training continued with several teachers and different styles and until now he is constantly deepening his knowledge. Among others he studied osteothai, assisted physiotherapy, cranio sacral, siatsu, somatics. Since 2010 he is giving treatments, teaching and participating in courses, trainings and retreats. His way of working is described from simplicity, freedom and precision, with understanding and compassion.
He is also enjoys giving yoga classes, he is an early retired dancer that still moves and a playback theater performer!