Dynamic Thai Massage with Pasi & Siawasch 23.-28.8.2022

Dynamic Thai is a very unique approach, inspired by the work of the Thai Master Chaiyuth Priyasith aswell integrating techniques from Osteopathy. It is giving the practitioners tools to improve continuity, fluidity and change of rhythm in their treatment. Dynamic Thai is a very creative and playful way to approach the body. The right mixture of soft shaking, rocking and oscillatory movement helps to release the nervous system, restore mobility and come into contact with the water element.

After receiving many treatments from Ajahn Chaiyuth, David Lutt and Krishnataki tried to reconstruct, apply and finally share Dynamic Thai Massage with their students in their own style and understanding. 

Studying some years and later started and still assisting both David and Takis, Sia and Pasi are very grateful to have received the blessing to teach Dynamic Thai Massage from their teachers and are happy to share this beautiful art with anyone interested to enter a new dimension of bodywork.

This seminar will be accredited with 30hrs certificate of  “The International Society of Traditional Thai Massage – Sunshine House”



first day: 
15:00 opening circle & massage
19:00 dinner

2nd-5th day:

6:30 chanting
07:30-8:30  yoga
08:45 breakfast
10:00 massage 
13.00 lunch
15:30 massage
18.30 dinner

last day:

07:00-08:00 yoga
08:15 breakfast
09:30 massage and closing circle
13:00 end

Location: Zentrum Landsee, Landsee 193, 7341 Burgenland
€ 750 Course with 2 teachers (food and accommodation not included)
€ 140 food
accommodation p.P. for 5 nights:
dorm room: € 97,50
double room: € 122,50
tent or bus (bring your own): € 56,50
Terms & Conditions for download: Teilnahme und Stornobedingungen


Siawasch Peyman

As a performer of the professional movement-theater “vis plastica trans. gen.” it was always pretty much about the body. How to move and express in all varieties, to communicate nonverbally and how to restore yourself from pain and injuries. Performances around the globe led the group to Thailand where Sia got into touch with thaiyogamassage. In 2005 finally initiated into that healing art in the famous Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, thaiyogamassage should become more and more dominant in Sia´s life. As a certified social pedagogue by education Sia provided support for mainly young people with mental and behavioral problems from 2007-15. Always keeping the link to movement, he continued to teach capoeira, pilates, yoga and giving thaimassage. From a performing artist slowly shifting to an healing artist, Sia kept on studying different fields of healing and is fully dedicated to this path. Aside from being a co-teacher in the courses of the Takis Oekonomi of the renowned Sunshine House in Greece and received the blessing to certificate his own courses as a Sunshine House teacher. 

As a teacher Sia is very authentic in passing his personal experience. Using his didactic knowledge to support and guide, he is happy to let the students grow into a technique with their own personality  and to find understanding within themselves.

As a practicioner Sia will choose from a variety of techniques always guided by his intuition

Through mindful touch and gentle support Sia creates a space of trust and clarity.. He´s heartfelt way of working opens closed doors not only on physical but on emotional and deeper layers of the body.

Pasi Kuusela

Pasi is a dedicated therapist with more than 15 years of valuable therapeutical experience. He has practiced many different bodyworks ranging from Thai Yoga Massage, Osteothai, Craniosacral Therapy, Abdominal Massage, Somatic Physio, Medical Massage and Sport Massage. He believes in a holistic approach to the body work, and in the power of mindful touch. 

He is very passionate about deepening his practice, this passion has led him to travel, meet and learn from various teachers around the world, particularly in Thailand and Europe. 

In Chiang Mai Pasi studied traditional Thai Massage, after this he continued his studies with Dynamic Thai Massage and Osteothai Bodywork. In the last few years he has mainly been following, studying and assisting with his main teachers Krishna-Takis Oekonomi and David Lutt, both have been very influential and inspirational.

At the present moment Pasi delivers workshops in his own massage and wellness studio based in Finland. He also continues to travel around Europe and Asia, sharing and learning skills and ideas from the fascinating path of healing arts.

Pasi's light hearted smile and approach to life makes his way of sharing knowledge a very unique experience.