VIENNA, 30.10.-03.11.2019


Dynamic Thai is a very unique approach, inspired by the work of the Thai Master Chaiyuth Priyasith as well integrating techniques from Osteopathy. It is giving the practitioners tools to improve continuity, fluidity and change of rhythm in their treatment. Dynamic Thai is a very creative and playful way to approach the body. The right mixture of soft shaking, rocking and oscillatory movement helps to release the nervous system, restore mobility and come into contact with the water element.

Siawasch is very grateful to have received the blessing to teach Dynamic Thai Massage from their teachers David and Krishnatakis and are happy to share this beautiful art with anyone interested to enter a new dimension of bodywork.

This seminar will be accredited with a certificate of  “The International Society of Traditional Thai Massage – Sunshine House”

Siawasch Peyman
From a performing artist and socialpadagogue slowly shifting into healing arts, Sia kept on studying different fields of healing the last 20 years and is fully dedicated to this path. As a teacher Sia is very authentic in passing his personal experience, using his didactic knowledge to support and guide. He is happy to let the students grow into a technique with their own personality and to find understanding within themselves.
As a practicioner Sia will choose from a variety of techniques always guided by his intuition. Through mindful touch and gentle support, Sia creates a space of trust and clarity. His heartfelt way of working opens closed doors not only on physical but on emotional and deeper layers of the body.
every day from 10:30-17:00, 1h lunch break 
Location: Institut Hara, 1060 Wien, Dürergasse 19
Costs: 590€
details & registration: mail@irisenzyoga.at